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Introduction and Workshop Methology

Introduction to Zoo-Phonics: Watch this 3 minute video to quickly see how Zoo-phonics will get your child on the road to reading success!

Parent Workshop: changing the way we are taught. Char Wrighton, co-Founder of Zoo-phonics, talks about hitting the bullseye with teaching children to read so that instead of being challenged by abstractions with traditional methods they are supported to be and feel successful using Zoo-phonics’ child-centric system.

Parent Workshop: Essence #1
Animals help children remember the shapes and the sounds of the letters. Letters are symbols and are very abstract for young children. The more abstract learning is, the less the students understand and remember. Zoo-phonics uses animals in the shapes of lowercase letters before teaching the actual letters.

Parent Workshop: Essence #2
Letter sounds are taught before letter names. Except for the five vowels, the letter names are never used in reading. Focusing solely on the sounds of the letters first is brain-efficient and kid-efficient.

Parent Workshop: Essence #3
Lowercase letters are taught before capital letters. 95% of reading material is made up of lower case letters.

Parent Workshop: Essence #4
The body movement for each animal helps cement the phonemic information into memory. Adding a physical aspect to learning increases retention from 10-40% to 70-100%.

Parent Workshop: Essence #1 thru 4
Children are so ready for learning, however, it is difficult at best to teach them through abstract methods and materials – they do not understand abstractions. Make it concrete, however, and there is no limit to what they can learn.


Testimonial: jessica
Jessica talks about the challenge of using traditional methods to teach her younger son to read. With Zoo-phonics he went from not knowing more than a few letters to knowing all the letters and the sounds they made in just two weeks.

Testimonial: wendy
Wendy talks about how amazing it is to see her children developing reading skills in just one hour.

Testimonial: sarah
Sarah talks about her work with autistic children and how extremely motivating Zoo-phonics is for them.

Testimonial: chris
Chris talks about the importance of learning with the whole body and the sense of fun and play children have with Zoo-phonics.

Testimonial: linda
Linda talks about the challenges her older child experienced with learning to read and the new opportunity she has for her son with Zoo-phonics.

Testimonial: linda
Linda talks about the ability to initiate a lot of fun and play using Zoo-phonics with children.

Testimonial: bianca
Bianca talks about her recommendation of the ZooPhonics At-Home program for all children.

Testimonial: bianca 1-on-1
Bianca talks about her recommendation of the ZooPhonics At-Home program for all children.

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